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Адаптер EH-ATCUSB___

We present you a new product! This is an adapter adapter from USB to Type C, which has compact dimensions and can be used both for charging and for transferring data between devices. The adapter housing is made of aluminum alloy. The adapter adapter has the article EH-ATCUSB. It can be found in the Necessary Household Goods category.

Post Date: 16.05.2023

Светильники, светоотражающая лента
Updating the assortment!

We bring to your attention several novelties at once!

 Universal battery transformer lamp, which has an unusual design and will be useful in many situations. It can be used as a desk lamp, flashlight, night light and even as a powerbank! It is compact, lightweight, protected from moisture and dust. Suitable for outdoor recreation, trips to the country and use at home. The lamp has the article EH-LMT-06

 Table lamp powered by three AA batteries or mains. Connects to the network using a USB cable. It has several lighting modes. Switching on, off and switching modes is carried out by a touch button. Lamp article EH-LMT-05

 Reflective ribbon bracelet. A reflective white ribbon and a set of two ribbons of different colors (blue and yellow). Such an accessory makes a pedestrian or cyclist more visible to the driver in poor lighting or its absence. The tape can be attached to clothes, a backpack, a bag or on the body of a bicycle. No need to glue or sew, it is easy to attach and remove, does not spoil things. The white reflective tape has the article EH-RBS-W, the article of the set of two tapes EH-RBS-YB. Located in the category of Reflective tape.

Lamps EH-LMT-06, EH-LMT-05 and other models of rechargeable table lamps are in the category of LED table lamps. And we can also offer a large range of rechargeable flashlights, most of the models presented have the Powerbank function! Flashlights can be found in the category of Necessary household goods.

Post Date: 24.03.2023

Коллаж товары для дома
Updating the assortment!

Updating products in two categories! The assortment of the Necessary household goods category has been replenished with four Power Bank models! Models with a capacity of 10000 and 20000 mAh are available to order. All models have a charge display and a nice bonus in the form of a built-in flashlight. All models allow you to charge two devices simultaneously and differ in capacity and color. The models are white and black.

• EH-P-01-B – black, 10000 mAh

• EH-P-01-W – white, 10000 mAh

• EH-P-02-B – black, 20000 mAh

• EH-P-02-W – white, 20000 mAh

The range of low-voltage equipment has increased, 5 models of flip switches are now available in the category of Flip switches (switches)!

• Rocker switch 2x32 I-0-II

• Rocker switch 2x40 I-0-II

• Rocker switch 2x63 I-0-II

• Rocker switch 4x40 I-0-II

• Rocker switch 4x63 I-0-II

Please check the availability of goods with our managers!

Post Date: 12.12.2022

Коллаж товары для дома
Necessary household goods!

We strive to make the life of our customers easier and more comfortable at the moment, so we offer you products that many will be useful right now or may need. These are portable gas stoves, as well as rechargeable lanterns and lamps. These products are in great demand, so you need to check availability and specifications by phone.

Post Date: 02.11.2022

ELECTRO INSTALL 2021! Small photo report.

The ELECTRO INSTALL 2021 exhibition ended, where our team showed itself at the highest level. Visiting the exhibition was not in vain spent their time - all, and the participants, and visitors, received a mass of positive emotions and new impressions.

Post Date: 22.10.2021


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