In today's world, the quality of service very important. In this regard, Electro House is constantly
working on self-improvement. Our goal is to solve the problems of our partner.


Product sales

Electro House provides a number of services related to the sale of products.

Firstly, our experts are ready to advise you on the choice of a particular product and conduct a joint analysis, if necessary. We also assist in the formation of an optimal assortment.

Secondly, we assist in promoting the brand. Our staff will supply you with allthe necessarypromotional materials, includingand advertising stands.

You can get product samples from us. We guarantee high quality and the reliability of our products.

We also provide partners with training services for partners to introduce up to date and familiarize yourself with the technical features and specifics of the sale of our products.

Our IT support service is always happy to provide you with information assistance, we also provide web support and content support.


Help opening a point of sale

Electro House helps partners open up new points of sale. To this end, we have prepared a number of services.

Our experts will advise you on the formation of a showcase assortment and help you choose the optimal set of products.

We will supply you with advertising samples of products, so you do not have to buy them for this purpose yourself. Our employees are also ready to provide you with our promotional materials.

In order to get the most up to date, we conduct special training courses. It is important for us that the partners are well versed in the technical features and specifics of the sale of our products.

In case of questions, you can always turn to our IT support service.


For online stores

This Electro House service works on an ongoing basis. All site owners, and even more so commercial resources, know how many resources take filling and maintaining information up to date. This service is provided to our partners absolutely free of charge.

Are you the owner or employee of the online store? Benefit from collaboration:

- Timely updating of prices in any way: Excel / PDF / YML / XML, with the ability to receive them by mail. Prices are always up to date.

- Your individual prices, which can be delivered to you by e-mail, see paragraph above.

- Constantly updated current set of promotional materials, - catalogs, sets of product photos.

- By contacting us, you will receive an individual set of texts that have passed SEO optimization and will help in promoting the product on your resource.

- Uploading content to your website is difficult? This is not an obstacle, our specialists can upload a list of products with photos and unique texts to your website as soon as possible.

How to use the service? Contact us or use the contact form to get detailed information and agree on cooperation.


Electrical installation

We want the products purchased from us to serve you as soon as possible, and that its operation be long and trouble-free. Therefore, Electro House provides electrical installation services.

Our customers and partners can count on such a range of services:

- Calling a team of specialists to the facility

- Installation of sockets, switches, RCBO, grounding

- Electrical installation, replacement of circuit breakers

- Installation of lighting

- Installation of cables

During installation, the modes and systems are checked with the help of modern recording tools to eliminate the likelihood of equipment malfunctioning during subsequent operation.


Architectural lighting

Installation of street lighting is a complex and time-consuming process, which is best entrusted to professionals. Electro House company offers services for the installation of outdoor lighting both in the city and in the countryside, as well as along highways.

We provide the following types of services:

  • installation of outdoor lighting poles
  • installation of outdoor lighting control systems
  • installation and connection of lights
  • wire pulling, installation of fittings

We are also modernizing lighting networks to reduce energy costs. For example, the use of LED technology in outdoor lighting, as a rule, is three times more economical than conventional incandescent lamps. Automatic inclusion of lighting only in the dark also significantly reduces energy costs. We carry out the installation of ballasts that perform this task.

Electro House also provides outdoor lighting services. We carry out the following types of work:

  • replace the burned out lamps
  • replace the counters
  • we repair lamps
  • repair damaged wires

Electro House has significant experience in performing the above tasks as quickly as possible in full compliance with the regulations. At the moment, we strive to expand the scope of activities and begin to engage in indoor lighting.


Electro House has been cooperating with companies from all over the world for many years. We will be very happy to start new business relations. So write to us on convenient messengers and join us on social networks

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