History of Electro House

The history of our company is years of development and flawless work. All this time we are working to improve the quality of services, support and products.


Company Creation

Electro House was established in 2006 as a supplier of lighting products and electrical installation services of the highest tolerance group.


Company formation

Formation of the company, expansion of the assortment basket to 2500 typical positions


Assortment increase

The assortment has been increased by 2.8 times, a list of iconic objects has been implemented


Registration of own Trade Mark

Registration of one's own brand, its promotion, transition to import and production of its own products.


Network formation

The beginning of the formation of our own network of dealers / distributors.


Production under its TM

Start of production under its own brand name (PVS, ShVVP, PPV, VVGp, KG electric wires, acoustic wires). Active sales building through sales through hardware stores


Active growth

Active growth of the enterprise, an increase in the number of personnel, the transition in the main groups of goods to products of only its own brand. The introduction of the following product groups into the electrical market:

  • Coaxial wires (the largest range in Ukraine)
  • PVC insulating tape made by innovative technology with oil-waterproof coating
  • Start of own production of a full range of fittings for self-supporting insulated wires
  • The appearance in the assortment of its own group of low-voltage equipment (circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers)


Integrated Electrification

Complex electrification and automation of several landmark facilities, including ports, metallurgical enterprises, oil refining complexes and other significant infrastructure facilities, was carried out. Gross turnover growth, 2.2-fold increase in profit compared to 2013 An intermediate restructuring of the enterprise by departments, development and implementation of an internal electronic system for searching, accepting and processing orders was carried out.


Assortment update

Despite the economic crisis and significant exchange rate fluctuations, ElectroHouse maintains and increases growth rates. New groups of own brand products were introduced, such as:

  • Full line of electrical installations
  • LED lighting (LED-lamps, administrative, street, warehouse lighting LED-devices and LED-lamps)
  • Ceramic and carbolite cartridges (lamp holders)
  • The largest Ukrainian range of low-current cable-conductor products for the installation of computer systems (UTP, FTP, S / UTP, S / FTP, etc.)
  • Metal sleeve of all sizes, with a thickened deep galvanized wall


Brand development

Expansion and understaffing of the dealer network throughout Ukraine, entering the market of related countries, brand development, trademark registration in Germany, Poland, France


First participation in the exhibition Elcom 2017

  • Participation in the spring and autumn exhibition Elcom 2017
  • Expanding the range of electrical accessories (4 colors were added to the Enzo series, extension cords and pads of the Garant series)
  • Added products in the category of materials for installation
  • Added a unique product - LED badges.
  • Creating personal accounts for customer convenience


Replenishment of the range with unique products

  • Exhibiting at Elcom 2018
  • Creating profiles on social networks
  • Creation of our own training platform with a long course on product specifications
  • Replenishment of the range of lighting (LED Bulbs, tri-proof lamps, Track lamps)
  • Replenishment of the range of low-voltage products (RCBO)
  • A unique position has been added to the category of materials for installation - Universal reusable ties


Year of unique positions

  • First version of Electro House mobile application
  • Participation in the exhibition (new booth design)
  • Registration in AliBaba.com, E-Bay.com
  • The direction of foreign trade activities is open
  • Expanding the assortment with unique positions (furniture sockets, floor sockets, track sockets system)
  • Highest quality speaker cable (oxygen free copper)


Development of the company

Despite the severe economic downturn caused by the coronavirus, Electro House is increasing production by expanding the range of existing categories and producing new types of products:

  • Production of new categories of luminaires has started (ceiling lamps (spots), directional ceiling lamps)
  • Production of professional-class electrical tools (cable cutters, crimping tools, wire stripping tools) has begun)
  • Updated range of Housing and utilities luminaires (housing and utilities luminaires with motion sensor)


Electro House has been cooperating with companies from all over the world for many years. We will be very happy to start new business relations. So write to us on convenient messengers and join us on social networks

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