Floor Socket With Grounding Aluminum 16 А + 2 USB 2,1 А IP44

Technical Specifications
Type of electrical fittings Sockets
Brand Registration Country Ukraine
Manufacturer Electro House
Technical features Cap
Type of installation Hidden
Type Socket
Protection (IP) IP44
USB current 2,1 А
Number of slots 1+2usb
Current purity 50 Hz
Rated current 16 А
Supply voltage 220-250 V
Color Aluminum
Size 195х110х155 mm

The floor sockets with grounding + 2USB EH-F008 from Electro House company is intended for connecting to the power supply network of various electrical appliances requiring a voltage of 220V (rated current 16A) and usb-5V connectors (rated current 2.1A) for their power supply. The socket in the floor has one socket for connecting devices to a network with a voltage of 220V and two usb connectors for connecting mobile devices. This functional device has a wide scope of application. At home, the use sockets for the floor will make your life more comfortable: it will allow you to arrange the furniture, as you are comfortable and eliminates the need to use extension cables to connect electrical appliances. In the office, it will allow you to more efficiently organize your work space and make it safer. The socket is reliable, functional and safe to use. The hatch is made of high quality materials and components. Complies with international and European quality standards. This socket for a floor has degree of protection of IP40. Its body, turning mechanism, as well as the bottom plate are made of metal. On the case of the socket is a special button-lock for opening the socket and its fixation in the working position. Due to this, the socket can not be closed by accident. To close it, you need to press the button and pull it down, then close the socket. To open the same way, press the button and pull it to the bottom - the socket will open automatically. The kit includes two screws for fastening the socket to the under socket. When not in use, it does not take up space and is hermetically sealed with a lid, preventing dust and moisture from entering it, so it will not interfere with the cleaning of the room. It can be mounted both in an inconspicuous place, and on a well-viewed area of ​​the floor. Thanks to modern design, it will be organically combined with almost any interior.


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