Nylon cable tie White 5х300 mm 100pcs. / pack

Technical Specifications
SKU EH-K-013
Type Clamps
Material Nylon
Color White
Temperature Range -35 ... +85°С
Size 5х300 mm
Amount in a package 100 pcs
Features Halogen Free, Vibration Resistance, UV Resistance
Length 300 mm
Width 5 mm
Cable tie length 0,30 m

Nylon cable tie White 5х300 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-013 from the brand Electro House is necessary for tightening different wires in bundles. According to its application, plastic clamp is considered a universal product, which is used for fastening many parts when performing various installation works. It can be used for different purposes: economic, industrial, household, construction and so on. The clamp can also be used for product labeling. Easy to install without needing any additional tools. Any person can handle with it, since the construction is quite simple, and at the same time the most reliable. It is made from high-quality, heat-resistant, durable, wear-resistant nylon. Thanks to this material, it has elastic properties. It is able to withstand external influences, including temperature changes, mechanical and vibration loads, etc. It can be used in wet and aggressive environments, so it can be used outdoors. You can buy cable tie white 5x300 from the company ElectroHouse on our website at a favorable price for you.

Cable tie

SKU Name Picture
EH-SM-001 Universal reusable tie White 10х300 mm 24pcs. / pack EH-SM-001
EH-SM-002 Universal reusable tie Black 10х300 mm 24pcs. / pack EH-SM-002
EH-SM-003 Universal reusable tie Green 10х300 mm 24pcs. / pack EH-SM-003
EH-SM-004 Universal reusable tie Assorted 10х300 mm 24pcs. / pack EH-SM-004
EH-K-001 Nylon cable tie White 3х100 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-001
EH-K-002 Nylon cable tie White 3х150 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-002
EH-K-003 Nylon cable tie White 3х200 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-003
EH-K-004 Nylon cable tie White 3х250 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-004
EH-K-005 Nylon cable tie White 4х150 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-005
EH-K-006 Nylon cable tie White 4х200 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-006
EH-K-007 Nylon cable tie White 4х250 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-007
EH-K-008 Nylon cable tie White 4х300 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-008
EH-K-0081 Nylon cable tie White 4х370 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-0081
EH-K-010 Nylon cable tie White 5х160 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-010
EH-K-011 Nylon cable tie White 5х200 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-011
EH-K-012 Nylon cable tie White 5х250 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-012
EH-K-014 Nylon cable tie White 5х350 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-014
EH-K-023 Nylon cable tie White 5х400 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-023
EH-K-015 Nylon cable tie White 5х450 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-015
EH-B-017 Nylon cable tie Black 8х750 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-017
EH-K-016 Nylon cable tie White 5х500 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-016
EH-K-024 Nylon cable tie White 8х500 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-024
EH-K-0240 Nylon cable tie White 8х550 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-0240
EH-K-017 Nylon cable tie White 8х750 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-K-017
EH-B-001 Nylon cable tie Black 3х100 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-001
EH-B-002 Nylon cable tie Black 3х150 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-002
EH-B-003 Nylon cable tie Black 3х200 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-003
EH-B-004 Nylon cable tie Black 3х250 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-004
EH-B-005 Nylon cable tie Black 4х150 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-005
EH-B-006 Nylon cable tie Black 4х200 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-006
EH-B-007 Nylon cable tie Black 4х250 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-007
EH-B-008 Nylon cable tie Black 4х300 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-008
EH-B-0081 Nylon cable tie Black 4х370 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-0081
EH-B-010 Nylon cable tie Black 5х160 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-010
EH-B-011 Nylon cable tie Black 5х200 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-011
EH-B-012 Nylon cable tie Black 5х250 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-012
EH-B-013 Nylon cable tie Black 5х300 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-013
EH-B-014 Nylon cable tie Black 5х350 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-014
EH-B-023 Nylon cable tie Black 5х400 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-023
EH-B-015 Nylon cable tie Black 5х450 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-015
EH-B-016 Nylon cable tie Black 5х500 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-016
EH-B-024 Nylon cable tie Black 8х500 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-024
EH-B-0240 Nylon cable tie Black 8х550 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-B-0240
EH-R-001 Nylon cable tie White with ring 4х110 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-R-001
EH-R-002 Nylon cable tie White with ring 4х150 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-R-002
EH-R-0030 Nylon cable tie White with ring 5х200 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-R-0030
EH-R-004 Nylon cable tie White with ring 8х400 mm 100pcs. / pack EH-R-004

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