Dimmer-panel White

Technical Specifications
Color White
Guarantee 5 years
Temperature Range -30 ... +50°С
Protection (IP) IP22
Radio channel frequency 2,4 G
Supply voltage Uin 100-240V AC
Output voltage Uout 100-240V AC
Maximum input current Iin 1.5 А
Maximum current output Iout 1,5 А
Maximum Output Power Pout 150-300 W

Dimmer-panel White EH-DMW of the Electro House brand is a high-tech device created for your comfort. The light regulator smoothly adjusts the brightness of the light, which allows you to get comfortable lighting for you at any time. It also allows you to save electricity and increase the service life of lighting devices. The EH-DMW dimmer can be used with incandescent lamps and LED lamps having a dimming function.

This device can be controlled remotely, which makes its operation even more convenient. You can control the lighting using a special RF remote control at a distance of up to 10 meters from the device.

The modern high-tech design of the device can become an additional touch in your interior, and the ability to change the brightness level of lighting will make it unique. The illumination level can be changed in the range from 0 to 100%. The device is made of modern high–quality materials: the encoder handle is aluminum, the front panel is glass, the back of the case is plastic, the caliper is made of metal. It is highly reliable and has a five-year warranty.

Smart lighting control

SKU Name Picture
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