RCBO 40 A 1p+N (2 modules) 230-240 V 4,5 kА

EH(x) 2x40DIFF
Technical Specifications
SKU EH(x) 2x40DIFF
Number of poles 1p+N
Type Differential automata
Rated Current In 40 A
Rated breaking differential current 30 mА
Supply voltage 230-240 V
Rated breaking capacity 4,5 kА
Current purity 50/60Hz
Type of differential protection module АС, А
Shutdown curve C
Dielectric power 2500 V
Protection (IP) IP20
Storage temperature, ° С -25...+70
Operation temperature, ° С -5...+55
Work resource 10000 inclusions
Color White
Type of differential automaton electronic

The Residual current Circuit Breaker with Overload protection – RCBO, 40A 1P + N, 4,5kA from the company Electro House is a special modular device that performs two functions at once - the control of the power grid and its protection from all overvoltages and failures. The RCBO replaces with itself two electric devices - it is the RCCB and MCB. Its main differential mechanism can be checked for good condition and performance using the “Test” button built into it. The RCBO will completely protect against electric shock in the event of short circuits and damage to devices or insulating material of the wire. It also protects your appliances and your property from complete ignition or other accidents. This differential current device is easily mounted in a distribution  boxes along with other devices. Using it you ensure the correct operation of the network and, accordingly, of all electrical devices connected to it. You can buy the RCBO 40A from the manufacturer ElectroHouse at the most optimal price for you.


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