Diesel generator 3/1 7 kW 8.75kVa 380/220V

Technical Specifications
SKU EH-D-65-7
Rated power 6,5 kW
Maximum electrical power 7 kW
Type open type
voltage 380V/220V
Current purity 50 Hz
View Synchronous 1F/3F, 380/220V
Phases 3/1

Diesel generator 3/1 7 kW 8.75kVa 380/220VEH-D-65-7 is a reliable, productive three–phase open-type generator. Its rated power is 6.5 kW – this is enough to provide uninterrupted power supply at home, in the country, in the garage, a small shop or office. It can also be used to carry out various works where there is no possibility of connecting to the power grid or the power supply is temporarily not supplied. The generator has an AVR (automatic voltage regulator) and gives a stable current at the output. There is an automatic protection that will work when the oil level is low, there is a load indicator. The diesel generator EH-D-65-7 can be used even by an inexperienced user because it has simple operation and is easy to maintain. Its operation can be made even more comfortable when using the ATS switch, which will automatically switch the power supply to the generator in case of surges and voltage loss. The built-in ATS socket makes connecting the switch a simple and easy task.

Diesel generators

SKU Name Picture
EH-ATS ATS socket 3 phases EH-ATS

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