Caja de plástico modular para instalación interior para 36 módulos IP20

Especificaciones técnicas
Type of installation Interior
Type Shield
Number of modules 36
Color Blanco
Size 323х101х448 mm
Protection (IP) IP20

The mounted plastic distribution box on 36 modules EH-BM-016 from the company ElectroHouse is necessary for compact placement of modular equipment, such as MCBs or contactors. Plastic distribution box can be used in various areas, including industrial, residential or office. Distribution box made of plastic, which is characterized by its high strength and wear resistance, as well as refractory properties. It withstands various changes in temperature, vibration, mechanical stress and high humidity in accordance with international standards. It has ip40 protection, according to which the possibility of small particles from 1 millimeter getting inside this cabinet is excluded. To ensure complete tightness and easy access when performing electrical work with devices, it has a translucent cover on top. Additionally, in the middle of this product there are din rails and fasteners for fixing devices. Due to the fact that it is compact, it is easily installed in the wall and does not take up too much space. You can buy the mounted plastic distribution box on 36 EH-BM-016 modules from the ElectroHouse brand on our website at a reasonable price.


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